Wolf Hybrid

Wolf  Hybrid Dogs are beautiful animals that possess high level of intelligence.  There are a number of sub-species of wolves which are bred with other dogs as pets, such as Arctic Tundra Wolves, Alaskan
Interior Wolves, British Colombian Timber Wolves and Eastern Timber Wolves.  They are usually

reffered to as Wolf Dogs and are a cross between the wild wolf and any type of domestic dog. They weigh about 100 lbs and are tall around 26 inches. Their color varies from shades of black to white and gray. Wolf dogs must be raised by their owner to make a compatible friend. They develop a very strong bond with their owners, but require a lot of attention. Wolf babies grow much faster than dog puppies and must be fed a soy-free dog food since they can not properly digest soy. They are very smart, strong and have high endurance levels. It is recommended that they should be kept in pairs since they are pack animals. Wolf hybrid must have containment area since they are not allowed to run unsupervised. They can live up to 17 years and possess long limbs and strong muscles.  Their face has the appearance of a Wolf with a long muzzle. Before purshasing a Wolf Hybrid it is important to check State and Local laws. They are not recommended for inexperienced owners and homes with children. These dogs like to be outside in the wild and are not recommended for small homes and apartments, since they possess high endurance and great energy they do best in a securely fenced rural setting with a lot of  room to run and roam. Early and intense socialization is crucial. Wolf hybrids can adapt to hot and cold climate. They are usually shy but loyal and loving animals with their owner and  with those they feel comfortable with.


  1. Ruby Winegardner says:

    So true and accurate, but I was expecting to hear something about their stubborn disposition! I’ve never had a dog with such a streak, and mind-of-his-own attitude. But I wouldn’t change 1 thing about my Hiro!

  2. Giljon Fernandez says:

    What is the price range for these hybrid wolf puppies? I am interested in the timberwolf species.. I live in Southern Ca, and I really want a hybrid, I just don’t know if I’m allowed these animal in my area,

  3. Mark says:

    The price range is anywhere from $ 500-800 for a wolf hybrid puppy, but it all depends on the breeder and how experienced he is. In most states owning a wolf hybrid is illegal. You can own one as long as it’s not F1 which means a first generation hybrid because they tend to be more wild. You also must have a certain permit to own a wolf hybrid in California.

  4. Damian says:

    i spend most of my time outdoors, camping, hiking, climbing, all the adventure for my job. looking for a dog that can join me on my adventures. one that is able to keep up endurance wise, be able to handle cold nights, is smart, can take care of its self around other animals. Would a wolf hybrid be a good match

  5. Wolf Hybrid says:

    Damian, I think that wolf hybrid would be a perfect match for you.

  6. akitaINUHYBRID says:

    I have a hybrid her mother was akita inu, and the father was 1/4 malamute 1/4 timber wolf 1/4 huskey 1/4 gray wolf. Very loyal good with other animals and small children. Although she is very stubborn and has a mind of her own. These types of dogs need to be leaders, or need to be led by confident firm owner. Very very intelligent and athletic, training and a very young age to distinguish a bond between the owner and pet is very important. One of the best dogs I’ve ever been around, but not for everyone.

  7. Amberlynn says:

    i have always been in love with wolves. I was wondering what it’s like to have one and what are some qualities to expect when i get one.

    1. amy noe says:

      I own 2 wolf hybrid 75% wolf don’t act like dogs they are loving to owners I keep inside and outside my home fenced in yard. Get them as pups socialize early they don’t like strangers, they will get used to people them more they see same person. They eat regular dog food no soy, I do give raw chicken they love it . I take them to vet reg basis.They do have pack leader, my husband, their dad. They are not aggressive with their family. They love hugs n kisses give them plenty.

  8. Alizabeth says:

    I currently own a three month old lobo hybrid. her daddy was a mexican (lobo) wolf husky mix, and her mother is a german shepherd. She is such a joy and gets along great with my other dog. i know that there are some restrictions with this breed in my area and we are fully ready to move if we have to, to an area where we can keep our little family together, but my question is….. if i was to get her certified as a service/therapy dog, would the breed restrictions still apply. i know they don’t for pits that are service animals in my area (the only pits allowed are service animals), but i wanted to check and see if you knew about the wolf hybrid?

  9. Dave says:


    If you intend to own a hybrid, please consider rescuing one. Many people surrender their wolf hybrids because they can’t subdue the animal’s wild tendency. Owning a hybrid is much different than owning a domesticated breed of dog. Please do some research first.

  10. Lizzy says:

    Hi I show horses and I’m always on the move I own a farm and have a lot of dog experience because my family used to breed greater Swiss mountain dogs. I was wondering if a wolf hybrid would be a good match since I go to horse shows and there are many new dogs there. Are they good with other animals? And are they over protective or over aggressive?

    1. kim spires says:

      if raised around your horses and socialized a lot they would do fine I have a female that’s 98% wolf and she was raised with my horses and does great with them just make sure you socialize it with dogs also.

  11. Daniel says:

    Is a wolf hybrid legal in Georgia (The state)? Are they good around kids and other animals?

    1. kim spires says:

      they are great with children and other animals as long as they are socialized I breed hybrids mine are 98% wolf and I have 2 kids 3 and 1 year olds and they do great the cubs are very hyper and love to play… I also have horses a cat and other dogs and as long as you socialize them they are fine around anything. I don’t know if they are legal in Georgia but you should be able to look that information up on the internet

  12. KimSpires says:

    Hey everyone I raise hybrids mine are 98% wolf if anyone is interested in one of my cubs from my next litter please let me know they are only $350 very cheap for 98% wolf my email is danielspires1985@yahoo.com if any one is interested in a cub please let me know I can send pictures of the mother and father.

  13. Brendan says:

    My my research, the average wolf/hybrid is about 1,000$ to 2,500$ for a pup.

  14. amy says:

    I love my two wolf hybrids highly recommend if willing to give lots of love and attention love the family bond getting pups good way to start, taking for walks not park animals love nature walks, have to get used to people early socialize them young

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